Monday, March 3, 2008

Winter in Winter Park

La, la, la, la,la, la, la. Winter is so beautiful. It doesn't suck after all. Nice clear days that are great for taking walks in the park. What happened to my "Winter Sucks" stance, you ask? Did I fall and bump my head? Suddenly become redeemed by the beauty of snow angels? No. Here's the answer in one word. Geography. As in since I moved south, I no longer experience real winter. Sure we have chilly days here and there, but it's nothing like where I grew up. Get this, the town I live in was created as an escape from northern winters for the well to do. Ha! Nowadays, you don't have to be rolling in dough to live here, but its still quite nice. Every time I start to wax poetic about home, I remind myself it's probably all of 15 degrees there right now. Poof! Homesickness cured.

Friday, July 27, 2007

You Know What I'm Not Gonna Miss?

Car Payments. Two more to go and its over. Ha! Ha! Ha!

You Know What I Miss?

Being close enough to Little Caesars to indulge my Crazy Bread addiction anytime I want. They're down here, but they're not exactly close to me. Their pizza may be less than stellar, but I've yet to find another pizzeria with garlic bread done up the way they do it.

I miss side streets too. Those parallel streets you can take to get off the main road where everyone else is. There aren't a lot of them around here, so if you're stuck in traffic you are...stuck.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me!

My odometer clicks onto the big 3-5 today. We're gonna go downtown and take a lake tour of the area. Should be fun. For the first time ever, I have no idea what I want as a gift. In the meantime, hubby got me an ice cream cake, ain't he sweet?

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Oh Damn!

I saw my first palmetto bug (a.k.a. flying cockroach)today. He must have flew his happy ass in when we came back from our morning walk. Ewwwww! Oh well, he's dead now.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Moving Sucks Part Deux

It is June. We are back from our fabulous honeymoon in Tortola, Bermuda,St. Thomas, and St. John. Now are supposed to move ourselves, the dog and our things to Orlando. But we got problems. For one, I feel like beat down tired all the damn time. Nauseous too. Which renders me pretty useless. I rarely leave the couch. It has been over two months since I've had my period. Its not unusual for me to skip one and once in awhile I skip two months; but given the way I've been feeling I'm really starting to get suspicious. So I break down and go to CVS and pick up a pregnancy test. The kind where results are shown in words not symbols. No matter how long I stared at the tube, no matter how many times I shook it, it stayed the same. Dammit! Oh well, at least I know why I've been feeling so yucky.

We got one of those moving pods to be delivered to us in FL. Even it didn't hold all of our stuff and this is after we threw away plenty. So we will be leaving half of our things in the garage of our home that we're renting out. We set out for our journey on Saturday, June 9. Our tenants took occupancy on June 8, so we spent the night at Days Inn. Tim's F-150 is towing my Saturn so we have to be careful about turns and we're not supposed to exceed 55MPH. When we're leaving the motel, Tim drives around the back to exit. Unfortunately, we pick the one motel in the entire state that has one way in and out. So we tried backing up to turn around but our trailer always went in the opposite direction from the truck. Solution? We drove onto the grass that is on the side of the building. Thankfully, we timed this when two parking spaces had become free so we could drive on out. Sorry about the tire marks on the grass.

We think we're about ready to get on the highway when hubby noticed a tire looks to be low in air. He put air in it, but still it looked low. This tire is new! So we go to Belle Tire where we are informed that there is a nail in the tire. So we replace it. An hour and some change later, we get rolling. We made it as far as Frankfort, KY before crashing for the night at the Capitol Hotel where they were having fireworks in the park across the street.

Next stop, Chattanooga, TN. Did you know that the old train station where the Chattanooga Choo Choo railway departed from was purchased by Holiday Inn? Neither did we but that's where we stayed Sunday night; at the Chattanooga Choo Choo Holiday Inn. They even had some of the old railcars utilized as hotel rooms. We didn't sleep in one of those. Room service ended mad early at about 9 P.M. or something ridiculous like that.

Next stop, Gainesville, FL. There we found another Holiday Inn to crash in Monday evening. We found an Italian restaurant up the street to have dinner at. Unfortunately, my appetite wasn't cooperating so I barely made through half of my spaghetti and meatballs. We get back to our room and discovered that our phone wasn't working. We notified guest services. My guess is that the phone was repaired after we left.

Last stop, Winter Park, FL (suburban Orlando). Tuesday morning we head towards our new home which is now only 3 hours away. Did I mention that we'd made it all the way from Michigan to Georgia without paying a single toll. I-75 doesn't completely suck after all! However, once we got to Florida, that changed with the quickness. Drive, drive, drive. Toll, toll, toll. It wasn't always a flat rate either; sometimes you are charged per axle. Ouch. Anyhoo, it was early afternoon when we pulled into Winter Park. As we drove past the nicer neighborhoods we hoped our apartment complex would be located there. No such luck. As you get closer to leaving WP, you enter the apartment district where most apt. complexes are located. Its not bad, just not what we envisioned. But we're home! Next time we move, we are using a moving company. I've moved a bunch of times in my life and I am done being a do it yourselfer you hear me?

Sunday, May 27, 2007

New York City!

We arrived back in NYC between 9 and 10 A.M. We went back to our hotel in Flushing's Chinatown district. After a nap, we took the #7 train to Manhattan, walked around, tried to see Fantasia in The Color Purple; got our feelings hurt again. It was sold out! So we took one of those Blue Line bus tours. It was great! We went through Manhattan, SoHo, NoHo, Bryant Park, Greenwich Village, Brooklyn. I saw parts of Brooklyn I'd never seen on my many trips to visit my cousins in my youth. When the tour was over, we got some pizza in Times Square before heading back to the hotel.

We waited for the subway,but for some reason, there was a delay. After waiting 20 minutes and seeing the crowd get larger and larger, we decide to take a cab back to the hotel.

While trying to hail a taxi, it starts raining. Tim got the idea to go to a hotel; so we came in through the back way strolled strolled through the lobby out the front door, and wouldn't you know it, a cab was right there. Sweet!

Tomorrow, we hit Rockerfeller Center and Central Park before flying home.